About Us

Welcome to our family web site!  Okay, so I have totally ignored this site for a long time.  Based on the previous content of this “about us” page it might have been as long as 10-15 years since it was written.  For whatever reason I’ve been motivated to pay more attention to this site so will be slowly bringing all the content up-to-date.  Since our kids have both finished their eduction, moved out, and married since the last update there will be lots to share.  Theo has also changed careers so there will be stories about that to tell as well.  Frankly, I (Don) and the only one whose life is probably boring enough to ignore.

Our biggest news is that Theo and I now have a grandson!!!  Cody Danger Powers!!  Born to Ryan and Hillary Powers October 13, 2020.  Yes, you read right.  His middle name is Danger.  Long story, but is was a fun way of naming him after his dad.

Not sure if I will keep the current organization or not.  We’ll see.  Currently I have separate pages for various family members so I’ll start there and see if it works.  So, check back periodically to see where all this goes.