Hood River in Spring!

Fresh off our trip to New York we headed off to Hood River for a day of wine tasting. Normally we just do this trip for Theo’s birthday in October, but since we joined wine clubs at both Marchesi and Syncline we have no choice but to travel up the Gorge more often since we have club pickup events in both October and May! It is also nice that my birthday is in May so Theo and I get to celebrate our birthdays with matching trips.

We have always enjoyed wine tasting in the Hood River area, and in the early days of our adventures would visit about four wineries over the course of our day. However, now that we belong to two clubs and in the age of Covid appointments are required everywhere, we just visit Marchesi and Syncline (our club wineries) taking extra time to just have a relaxing day. We have always kept the day somewhat simple in that we pack a lunch (usually bagel sandwiches) so we do not have to worry about finding a meal anywhere. If the weather is good we will head down to the river between stops and eat our lunch their while enjoying the view.

Below are a few photos of our day for you to enjoy!

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