Thanksgiving Covid Style – Take 2

For the second year in a row Theo and I had a solo Thanksgiving thanks to Covid. With both kids and their families on the east coast it was just not worth the risk to travel. Especially true for our grandson Cody who is too young to be vaccinated. So, we settled for a FaceTime call and a quiet meal for just the two of us.

If there is a bright side it is that I got to smoke a turkey on Thanksgiving, which I was not doing pre-Covid when we were traveling east for the holiday. Even so, we would rather have traveled east and have had the kids here for Christmas. Regardless, the food was amazing and we will eat it for some time. We will also have turkey left to make turkey noodle soup which Theo and I both adore.

May Covid pass soon so we can freely travel and get past this blip in history. We will travel in January to see our grandson after the holiday hustle and bustle is over. Below are some photos of our Thanksgiving day.

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