Dinner at Rosmarino with Sean & Carlie

Sean, Carlie, and Sheldon (their dog) decided to make a trip to Oregon and spent a few days with us. On their first night here we treated them to our all time favorite Italian restaurant Rosmarino and one of their 5-course wine-pairing dinners. Chef and owner Dario is the best at pairing wine with food I have ever known and we feel so fortunate to have discovered them by accident many years ago when we were simply looking for a place to have New Year’s dinner. Open Table listed this Italian place out in the middle of nowhere called AgriVino (their old name) literally on a dirt road on the way to the small town on the road to Lafayette, OR. We said what the heck and never looked back. It was sooooo amazing. Since then they have moved to Newberg (their old location got sold) and we do the 5-course dinners as often as we can.

All five courses are served one at a time paired with a specific wine. Sometimes the wines are Italian varietals chosen by Dario and sometimes dishes are paired with wines from a guest winery. Regardless the pairings are flawless. With each dish Dario comes out and explains both the history of the dish (most are old recipes from his grandmother) and his choice of wine (this part is done by the winemaker if a guest winery is involved). These dinners are simply a blast and worth every penny (no, they are not cheap). Sean and Carlie thought this might be the best Italian dinner they had ever had. I certainly feel that way. If you are in Newberg I highly recommend you give Rosmarino a try. However, if you know in advance you are coming best to book a reservation as far in advance as you can since they always sell out.

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