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Thanksgiving in New York

Now that the kids all live on the east coast Thanksgiving has become a time of travel (albeit expensive travel). Since the kids generally come west for Christmas we head east to enjoy Turkey day. This year we traveled to New York where all the kids joined us to spend Thanksgiving with Hillary’s aunt Teresa in Ulster Park (slightly up state NY). We booked an AirBnB in Kingston (about 8 miles from Ulster Park) which was right on the Hudson River. The AirBnB was a third-floor apartment and plenty big for all six of us. Here are some photos.

View of the Hudson River from our AirBnB

Master bedroom of our AirBnB

Livingroom of our AirBnB

Kitchen of our AirBnB

Hudson River in Kingston

Kingston, NY

Kingston AirBnB (second building from the left)

Front door to our AirBnB

Hillary’s aunt Teresa loves to cook, and cuts no corners (I envy her her kitchen). This is the second time she has hosted us for Thanksgiving, and the Italian flavor of the meal was again evident. Both times dinner began with a traditional wedding soup that was absolutely delicious. Noodles were made from scratch (also true for the pasta we had the next night) and were amazing. Turkey was perfect….I could go on (I’ll show some photos instead). Not sure how anyone had room for pie at the end. All in all a delightful day.

Theo chilling out

Theo & Sean having some pie

Teresa's house in Ulster Park

Teresa hard at work preparing Thanksgiving dinner

Sean & Carlie ready to eat

Hillary's mom (far left) serving it up

Hillary (far right) and some of her family

Hanging out before dinner

Family after dinner photo

Even the dog is ready for a nap

Carlie in the Thanksgiving spirit

After hanging out in Kingston and Ulster Park for a couple days Sean & Carlie headed back to Virgina and we took Ryan and Hillary back to NYC. Since our flight back to PDX did not leave until 9 pm we got to see Ryan & Hillary’s apartment in Queens and have dinner at a really good Mexican restaurant called Casa Enrique. All-in-all a wonderful trip.










Celebrating Theo’s Birthday in Hood River

It has become an annual event to celebrate Theo’s birthday with a trip to Hood River. We did not actually go on her birthday, which is October 4, but instead plan the trip around the club release event at Marchesi Vineyards. Marchesi is one of Theo’s favorite wineries, and a few years back I bought her a membership for her birthday. The Lord always smiles on this trip as we pretty much always get good weather in spite of the fact that the date is always late in the fall. So, once again we packed our lunch (there is just something fun about bringing your own food), the dog (Zoie), and headed up the Columbia Gorge for a day of relaxation and wine tasting!

Theo and I enjoying out time at Marchesi Vineyards for her birthday!

One of the funnest things about coming this time of year is that owner/winemaker Franco Marchesi, a real Italian fellow, is always out amongst the guests roasting chestnuts to share with everyone. This really gives the visit a holiday spirit.

Franco Marchesi roasting chestnuts at Marchesi Vineyards!

Zoie comes with us on this trip and seems to enjoy a day out of the house and excessive attention. Marchesi is a dog-friendly winery so there are always lots of wet noses to greet. And lets not forget that mom (Theo) always makes sure that Zoie gets a short walk in the vineyard before we leave.

Zoie relaxing by our table at Marchesi Vineyards!

While our visit to Hood River always starts at Marchesi the day is not end there. After Marchesi we always visit a couple of other wineries we enjoy including AniChe and Syncline over on the Washington side of the River. Enjoy a few photos below.

12 Syncline Winery

06b Marchesi Vineyards

06 Franco Marchesi roasting chestnuts

15 Theo at Syncline

07 AniChe Cellars

14 Syncline Winery

13 Syncline Winery

01 Marchesi Vineyards

08 AniChe Cellars

11 Sincline Winery

05 Don & Theo at Marchesi

10 Theo at AniChe

09 AniChe Cellars

04 Theo at Marchesi

02 Marchesi Vineyards

03 Marchesi Vineyards