Zoie’s Last Week

Today we said goodbye to our beloved dog Zoie. She had been part of our family for almost 13 years. While it was a hard day we had made the decision a week earlier to end her suffering and pain so had the time to process, pamper, and love her before she slept forever. Theo and I are forever grateful for my former student and Corvallis area vet Melody who insisted we let her come to our home and take care of this so Zoie could pass in her own yard on a beautiful sunny day. While cried a bit and were filled with grief we know that now she is pain free. Zoie’s health had decline for the previous year as she developed a neuropathy that sapped the strength from her hind legs and prevented her from doing many things that she loved including climbing the stairs in our home to sleep in our bedroom and take long walks at Champoeg State Park. The last couple months she developed bone cancer in her right front leg that progressed rapidly leading us to this decision as we were not going to put her through cancer treatment at almost 13 years old. We will miss her forever. Theo decided that we will plant a Zoie Garden right outside our den window where her desk sits so she can see it each day. We had Zoie cremated and a scoop of her ashes will go in to every plant’s hole. The garden will be a long term memory for us.l

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