American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk

On Saturday October 15 we (Don and Theo……oh yes, and Zoie) participated in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) walk inPortland, OR in honor of Theo’s cousin Liz.  This was Don’s (and Zoie’s) second year participating in the AFSP walk as part of the Wine-by-Joe (last year Theo was still in school and in Bellingham, WA for labs and exams).  We are proud of the fact that over our two years of participation we have raised more than $500 for this very worthy cause.

The Wine-by-Joe team is sponsored by the Wine-by-Joe/Dobbes Family Estate Winery and its owner/winemaker Joe Dobbes.  Joe has been personally touched during his life by suicide and is a generous supporter of AFSP.  Last years team, which included many Dobbes employees was huge (see bottom photo on the right).  This year the grape harvest in the Willamette Valley was a month late and first fruit arrived at the Dobbes winery on the day of the walk.  This is something that can’t be controlled and prevented all the winery employees, including Joe, from participating.  Theo, Zoie, and I were pleased to represent team Wine-by-Joe!  Below are some selected photos we took during the walk.

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