An Enjoyable Day at the Dobbes Family Estate Picnic!

Theo with friends Dean, Satin, Terrie, and Joe at the picnic

Today Theo and I spent the afternoon at the third-annual Dobbes Family Estate picnic held at their Larkins Estate Vineyard.  I’ve been to two of the three vineyard picnics and the weather at both were hot.  Not sure what the temperature was today but I know I shed a lot of sweat.  These events are always fun in that we get to eat some good food (the sandwiches, although simple in appearance were absolutely amazing), spend time with good friends, and chat with Joe Dobbes and the rest of the winery staff.  Below is a slideshow of photos I shot today (in spite of my camera’s dying battery).  If you want to see them via Flickr click here.

Joe Dobbes getting ready to boogie.

Charles trying to decide how best to explain the hand prints on his pants.

Charles trying to decide what he thinks of Joe's hat.

Charles not finding his boots decided to eat.

Charles looking for his cowboy boots.

Theo just had a thought for her Wiki page.

Terrie wondering what the heck Dean is doing?

Joe and contentment

The wine must have said something Dean didn't like.

Dean had a funny thought and Satin is focused on her wine.

Loading plates with wonderful food at the Dobbes picnic.

Larkins Estate Vineyard

Larkins Estate Vineyard

The Dobbes picnic crowd on a vineyard tour.

Joe Dobbes talking grapes intensely!

Joe Dobbes talking grapes.

Joe Dobbes giving a vineyard tour.

Joe Dobbes giving a political speech.

Dobbes picnic under the big top!

Dean, Satin, Terrie, Joe, and Theo cooking up something devious.

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