Yakima Valley Vacation!!!

For the first time in three years we took a family vacation.  Well, not quite a family vacation since Sean and Carlie could not join us (both are in school).  On the surface the Yakima Valley does not sound like a vacation paradise.  However some fine wines are produce in the valley and many wineries in the northwest source grapes from the valley.  We had never visited this wine region so thought it would be fun to explore it for a few days.  If any of you are interested in specifics regarding wineries we visited we would be glad to share (don’t want to make this post too long).  One of the fun things we did on the trip was to stay in teepees (see photos)!  In reality they were fancy yurts.  Even so the beds were comfy and they contained all the necessities required for a relaxing time.  The only downside was that we picked the one really hot week to take our trip and the teepees were not air conditioned.  Theo had planned to just hang around the teepees and read for a few days but that didn’t work out.  When we came back from our daily excursions we were provided a BBQ which we used to cook some wonderful evening meals.  Each morning we were pampered with an elegant breakfast provided by the owners which did nothing less than underscore our enjoyment of the trip.  Below are some photos we took on the trip for your enjoyment.  If you would like to see the our entire Yakima photo album go toYakima 2011.

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