Christmas 2020 – Covid Style

Going to be honest. This was the loneliest Christmas ever in so many ways. The pandemic in full swing and both sets of kids, including our one and only grandchild, stuck on the east coast. It is simply not right that parents/grandparents should have to spend Christmas alone. But it happened. Even so, it would not have been the right thing to put our beloved Cody on an airplane without an inkling of protection against the nasty virus. So, a virtual Christmas was the best we could do. The solution, make the best of it.

We were determined to make this Christmas as “normal” as possible. Theo would make our traditional lasagna and I got up early to make fresh pasta noodles because….fresh past is always best. I put on the new loungy pants that Theo got me and gave her her Christmas stocking which is always a joy for me to put together every year. We opened some bubbly and got on with the day. The Christmas tree was stunning as usual, we exchanged gifts, but we still missed the kids.

Those who know me know that I am not a huge dessert kind of person. Even so, Theo make the best carrot cake on the planet and she makes it for me on my birthday and at Christmas. So, I did get to enjoy that tradition along with a wonderful Christmas dinner

Here’s hoping that next year things can get back to normal.

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