Thanksgiving 2020 – Covid Style

I really enjoy Thanksgiving. Arguably my favorite annual holiday. This year, however, was a bit lonely. Both boys and their families live on the east coast so travel was not an option meaning that Theo and I spent Thanksgiving alone. The previous few years we had traveled east for Thanksgiving alternating between New York and Virginia where the kids live then they would come west for Christmas. Not to let circumstances totally thwart my enjoyment of the day I smoked a turkey which over time would get turned into many different dishes and Theo did her magic with the remaining dishes. We opened a celebratory bottle of champagne given to us our nephew Anthony and had an old bottle of wine for dinner. The worst part about the day was that we were unable to meet our first grandchild who was born to Ryan and Hillary in October. We hoped hard that vaccinations would come our way sooner rather than later so that we could safely go to New York for a visit. Even so, all-in-all it was a good day.

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