Life Changing Day – Birth of our First Grandchild!!

This was a day I had dreamed of for a long long time. Today our first grandchild, Cody Danger Powers, was born! He came into the World at 12:39 pm weighing 7.1 pounds and is absolutely beautiful. Mother Hillary and baby are doing great. The next major challenge for Theo and I will be waiting until we can safely travel to meet him. Sadly, the way things are going it will likely be several months.

I know the big question on everyone’s mind will be how the heck did they come up with a middle name “Danger?” Well, when Ryan was working at Domaine Serene (a winery for those not wine savvy) a few years back he crawled into a grape crusher while it was still turned on. That can sort of kill you. So, they nicknamed him Danger. Apparently Ryan and Hillary thought this was a fun way to name Cody after his dad. So there you go.

Being the very proud newly minted grandfather that I am expect to see a lot of Cody going forward. Cheers!!

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